When it comes to Culture; Does your company Walk the Talk?


They say that ‘teamwork makes the dream work’, but if that team aren’t all pulling in the same direction, if they have different beliefs and ideas, if they all have a different understanding of the goals and ambitions of the company then it may just be ‘hard work’.

We maintain that our team is one of the keys to our success and we strongly believe in mutual respect and cooperation to achieve the best possible outcomes for our business, customers, and staff.
Over the last few months, our team have been working on our company values. Sharing ideas, beliefs, and opinions of what we each feel are important factors in our work and everyday lives. Ideals that we should strive to achieve and in some cases traits that could be brought to the surface for the benefit of all.

Earlier this year, we spent the day at Wrag Barn Golf Club and with the help of a consultant from Growth Unlimited, brainstormed ideas about what makes a great team. Of course, we had some fun and competition on the way with a nearest the bull golf game, which was very apt considering our venue.

From carrying out this simple task, with one main objective, we were able to review the outcome of our first attempt, discuss potential next steps, and work out possible improvements in our approach to enable us to obtain success.

This exercise set the groundwork for the rest of our day with focus on key words that were important to each of us.

Out of this day and further discussion back at the factory, our work manifested into 5 Values with an understanding of how we reflect & achieve these Values in everything we do.

Our work doesn’t end there. It’s not just about discussing, agreeing, and displaying our Values, we now have to live them. Stand by what they mean, reflect the good traits in all we do, and continually improve our approach to ensure we achieve all we set out to.

The individual. The team. The common ground. The enthusiasm. Our Values are our daily guidelines and apply to all we do and everyone we communicate, collaborate, and do business with.

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