Year: 2021

Christmas newsletter from Adcutech limited

As we continue to experience the impact of the COVID pandemic we look forward to Christmas, the New Year & the opportunities 2022 will bring. We are delighted to say that over the last year, we have continued to work hard to provide our excellent service & kept our promises to our customers throughout. During […]

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Key Characteristics

As part of our ongoing strategy, we have been looking at the key characteristics of a perfect customer for Adcutech. This is an important exercise as it enables us to review our processes and adopt strategies to ensure we support our valued customers in the right way. Establishing long term partnerships with our customers, rather […]

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Why should we implement a lean approach into our business model?

In any business one of the most expensive and common problems is related to efficiency and waste.  Lean manufacturing is documented as being the process of minimising waste which in turn should maximise productivity. What is Lean Methodology anyway? Simply put, Lean operates on two important principles: Always striving for improvement : This should be part of […]

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