Quality & Technology


We manufacture customer products with best in class service while continually improving everything we do


With some of the latest technology for testing & measurement you can be assured that Adcutech produced components are of top quality.

  • Axiom Too CNC CMM Measuring Machine
  • Aberlink Axion Co-ordinate Measuring Machine
  • Taylor Hobson Surtronic 3+
  • Annual Calibration Programme for instrumentation


Computer systems

  • OneCNC 3D Manufacturing Software
  • Autocad Sofware
  • Aberlink CMM Sofware



  • ISO9001:2008 Certification URS Certificate¬†Number 27487/A/001/UK/En
  • Approved Supplier Status for Medical &¬†Defense Customers




“Adcutech is currently one of our best performing suppliers and consistently deliver good quality product on time and at a competitive price”.
Steve, Gas & Oil Customer

Adcutech Limited Tel: 01793 765405