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Adcutech started in the custodial market by manufacturing a range of custodial products on a sub-contract basis for larger manufacturers.  However over the last few years we have been working closely with the Home Office, Police Forces and Door manufacturers to develop our range of hatches.

Our aim is to offer a cell door service hatch that meets all the requirements but also offers an enhanced and improved design which is more ergonomic, robust and hard wearing.

All components are manufactured and assembled in house.  The hatches are lightweight aluminium with a hard anodise finish to resist wear and tear. Most parts are interchangeable and easy to replace.

We currently have cell door hatches installed in Aylesbury, Lodden Valley Reading, Milton Keynes, Bedlington, Weymouth, Cardiff Bay, Wandsworth & Bishop Auckland.

Please click the links below for datasheets of the hatches available.

2 Position Service hatch (ADCD0650)

3 Position Service hatch (ADCD0660)

3 Position Service hatch_partial vision (ADCD0640)


The hatch has also undergone an independent operational life test. The cell door hatch was operated from fully closed, to the viewing position, then to the fully open position and then back to the fully closed position. This was run for 400,000 cycles with reasonable maintenance checks (lubrication) at 7,500 cycles. After the completion of these tests the hatch was still operating normally and safely with minimal wear. No sharp edges or ligature point were found. A full report is available.

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Hatch Testing Movie

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