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   Adcutech Limited specialise in the manufacturing of quality components for industries demanding a very high standard of precision & finish   Since the company was formed in 1983, Adcutech has built on its reputation of providing quality components on time & believes in building working partnerships with customers to achieve the most cost effective […]


  Quality Policy   We will manufacture customer products with best in class service while continually improving everything we do.   This will be achieved by our total commitment to: Get things right the first time; Reduce the time we take to do everything; Providing solutions to satisfy our customers’ total quality requirements. Involve all employees […]


Whether investing in new plant or tool holding to make production more efficient, Adcutech continually researches technology advances as part of our continuous improvement approach.     CNC Milling & Turning at Adcutech is carried out on the latest CNC machining centres.  High precision & repeatability are key in enabling us to offer high quality […]


Providing precision CNC engineering & manufacturing solutions for continually advancing technologies   Adcutech is an important supplier of high quality, precision components for a number of leading UK companies. We work across many industries including aerospace, defence, automotive and medical. Adcutech also have a product specifically for the police and prison services. [click for more…] […]

Adcutech Community

Our biggest asset is the Adcutech Community made up with our Customers & our Team.     Offering our customers ‘Peace of Mind’.  We demonstrate our commitment to quality by guaranteeing that components will receive a 1st off inspection at each stage of the CNC manufacturing process from start to finish ensuring consistency of product […]

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10 Essential tools when starting out as a CNC Machinist

Every CNC machining engineer knows that you need the right tools to do a good job. Having a good range of tools makes your life so much easier, and you more efficient.It’s best to start out with a small collection that grows as you become more experienced. As you learn from the skilled colleagues around […]

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  They say that ‘teamwork makes the dream work’, but if that team aren’t all pulling in the same direction, if they have different beliefs and ideas, if they all have a different understanding of the goals and ambitions of the company then it may just be ‘hard work’. We maintain that our team is […]

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Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight – Stuart Ball This month Stuart is celebrating his 1-year anniversary at Adcutech.  Stuart applied for a CNC Milling Operator vacancy with Adcutech with no hands-on engineering manufacturing knowledge.  He’s previous experience, although in a factory environment, was assembly & cleanroom production.  However, at his interview Stuarts enthusiasm & ethics led us to […]

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