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   Adcutech Limited specialise in the manufacturing of quality components for industries demanding a very high standard of precision & finish   Since the company was formed in 1983, Adcutech has built on its reputation of providing quality components on time & believes in building working partnerships with customers to achieve the most cost effective […]


  Quality Policy   We will manufacture customer products with best in class service while continually improving everything we do.   This will be achieved by our total commitment to: Get things right the first time; Reduce the time we take to do everything; Providing solutions to satisfy our customers’ total quality requirements. Involve all employees […]


Whether investing in new plant or tool holding to make production more efficient, Adcutech continually researches technology advances as part of our continuous improvement approach.     CNC Milling & Turning at Adcutech is carried out on the latest CNC machining centres.  High precision & repeatability are key in enabling us to offer high quality […]


Providing precision CNC engineering & manufacturing solutions for continually advancing technologies   Adcutech is an important supplier of high quality, precision components for a number of leading UK companies. We work across many industries including aerospace, defence, automotive and medical. Adcutech also have a product specifically for the police and prison services. [click for more…] […]

Adcutech Community

Our biggest asset is the Adcutech Community made up with our Customers & our Team.     Offering our customers ‘Peace of Mind’.  We demonstrate our commitment to quality by guaranteeing that components will receive a 1st off inspection at each stage of the CNC manufacturing process from start to finish ensuring consistency of product […]

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Why should we implement a lean approach into our business model?

In any business one of the most expensive and common problems is related to efficiency and waste.  Lean manufacturing is documented as being the process of minimising waste which in turn should maximise productivity. What is Lean Methodology anyway? Simply put, Lean operates on two important principles: Always striving for improvement : This should be part of […]

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What no one tells you about R&D and SME’s

What do you think of when you hear the term R&D or Research & Development?  Do you think of a group of highly skilled, professionally qualified scientists or engineers looking for a breakthrough in technology?  You’d be partly right, but R&D is part of everyday life at Adcutech. R&D represents the activities companies undertake to […]

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Engineering & the impact of COVID-19

Like most industries across the UK, engineering has certainly felt the impact of COVID-19. As early as March, some engineering companies were concerned about the effect of coronavirus on their business over the next six months. (source:pbc today) As time went on, many of these concerns were realised as supply chains were cut short and […]

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Engineering a Better way

The team at Adcutech have been looking at lean methodologies. Read why here on our latest blog.


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On #WorldEngineeringDay2021 we are reemphasizing our Core Values & celebrating the #teamwork and contribution made by the staff at @adcutech #engineering #precisionmanufacturing

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