Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight – Stuart Ball

This month Stuart is celebrating his 1-year anniversary at Adcutech.  Stuart applied for a CNC Milling Operator vacancy with Adcutech with no hands-on engineering manufacturing knowledge.  He’s previous experience, although in a factory environment, was assembly & cleanroom production.  However, at his interview Stuarts enthusiasm & ethics led us to believe that he would be a good fit for our team with the commitment & capability to develop with Adcutech.

A year later & we were proved right.  Stuart has settled in very well with the Adcutech team.  He is fully committed, enthusiastic, reliable & he has brought a wealth of continuous improvement knowledge with him.  He has progressed well & is a very important member of our manufacturing team.  We will be supporting Stuart with his development to help him reach his full potential.


Here’s what Stuart has to say about working with Adcutech.

I have felt welcomed from the minute I walked in the door.  Adcutech is the best team of people I have ever worked with, always happy to help and share their knowledge.


What interests you about engineering?

Every day is a learning day.  It’s amazing to see a block of metal turn into ‘crazy’ shapes.


What specifically have you learnt so far?

I have learnt how to read technical drawings & to never take your eye off the ball (excuse the pun!), anything can go wrong at any time if you are not diligent and in control of the process.


Anything you have been surprised by?

I was shocked to open the tooling drawer to see so many types of cutting tools.  I have never heard of things like dovetail or corner rounding cutters.


How does Adcutech differ from where you have worked before?

Adcutech must be the most open company I have ever worked for.  They take you under their wing but at the same time are open to new ideas and suggestions, they want you to succeed.